A Dreamgirls guide to your safety


As in any profession there are inherent risks within every job and knowing and adhering to safety guidelines is essential and escorting is no different. We take your safety very seriously and these guidelines outline the processes we presently have in place and many tips for you to use to ensure your continued success within the profession and good health.


ALWAYS trust your gut feelings

Appearances can be deceptive and you should never assume that someone is 'okay' and judge them by the way they look. You should always be on your guard around both new and existing clients. Remember that if something doesn't feel right about a person, you always have the right to turn them down. So always trust your gut feelings and ensure you're safe first.


General safety advice when meeting and negotiating with clients

Whenever you speak to a client, be confident and assertive and remember that you are in control of any services you provide during the time he has booked with you. From the outset, you should make it clear what services you are willing to offer and most importantly, you should tell your client what you are not prepared to do. By saying what your limits are, you lessen the risk of things potentially going wrong.

Prices will have been agreed and confirmed with the client in advance of you arriving for the appointment so there should never be any need to discuss prices. You should ALWAYS be paid upon arrival, or by bank transfer and you must ensure the amount advised to you is the amount paid or transfered money is cleared and confirmed before the meeting commences.

Regardless of the client, it makes sense to carry a personal safety alarm with you. Make sure that you keep it somewhere in easy reach, such as in your pocket or your bag.

It also goes without saying that you should have a mobile phone with you. Keep it topped up with credit and ensure it is fully charged as this is your means of communicating to us that you are safe on arrival and departure and in the event you should need to contact us at any point during the appointment.


 How to get ready for work

 Almost all our clients desire discretion from you when you arrive in their home area or hotel so always ensure you dress casually (See below Getting dressed for work) and ensure you have all the clothes you wish to wear in the appointment in a bag for you to change into when at the clients. Your bag should also have condoms, lube, safety alarm, torch and any toys you use professionally should you feel the need to use any of these items in your time with your client. 


The dangers of mixing alcohol and drugs with escort work


It's a well-known fact that alcohol and drugs will affect how you act and think. As you can appreciate, they aren't a good idea to use when you're working as an escort.

Our advice is to always refrain from any drug use whatsoever and in the case of alcohol only a minimal amount if any. It's crucial that you remain alert, stable and aware of what's going on around you at all times. Alcohol and drugs can and will impair your ability to do those things.

Furthermore we will never accept drugs as a form of payment for your time and you need to adhere to the same principals. 

On the client side if he appears drunk or under the influence of drugs it is recommended you decline the job - obviously this is dependent upon the condition of the client but you should always know that the option to decline and leave (and of course to return the payment) is yours and will be supported.


 What to do if your clients offer you drinks and food

The chances are high that your client will offer you something to drink or eat. If that happens, what should you do?

First of all, you should not accept any drink that you have not seen prepared to ensure the risk of any 'spiking' is removed. Obviously this guide can be relaxed in the presence of established / regular clients but always be aware and vigilant

When it comes to food, only eat it if it's been pre-packaged (Sandwiches or crisps) and still in a sealed wrapper but a general rule would be not to accept food in your appointments, again this rule can probably be relaxed with regular clients and for longer stays you should be using restaurants or room service too.


Getting dressed for work

It's vital that you keep your clothing simple. As a generic guide for your awareness try not to wear clothing that restrict your movement too much and dress casually and appropriately.

Always ensure, unless specifically requested by the client, you arrive at your meeting in casual attire and certainly not in a manner that may draw attention to you -  many of the clients do not want neighbours to know their business so arriving looking like Julia Roberts in Prety Woman is definitely not recommended

 When it comes to body piercings, it's probably best not to have any as they could get pulled and cause you injuries however if your piercings are a selling point with your clients, be clear with them about how they should get used. After all: you don't want to cause injury to yourself or your clients.


 Out-calls to a client's home or hotel

 We will provide address and any directions required to find the place to meet. For hotel bookings we will validate the booking with either a booking reference or a photo of the hotel room key.

Upon arrival and after you have been paid you MUST message the agency to advise you are safe and message again upon departure - from the agency perspective should we not hear from you at the timed conclusion of your meeting we shall commence calling you and the client and should we feel it necessary alert local authorities -  it is vital these 2 messages are sent to us.

To ensure we are able to get you to the address, see you are safely there and monitor your leaving we strongly recommend you use some software on your phone called Glympse or live location which is tracking software - this will also assist should you be unable to find the clients address and we will be able to get you to the right road using this method. We will discuss the use of Glympse with you individually should you prefer to 'Live location'.

Clients frequently ask four questions, not to use a condom, to go privately with them and give them your phone number and your real name - in all these 4 cases the answer MUST always be no / never. Any relaxation in these items is a potential danger to your personal safety and may severely impact your longer term earning potential with the agency. As a further safeguard try to ensure you take nothing into the meeting with your personal details, such as a driving licence, leave these in your car or at least ensure the bag is never out of your possession, should you need to pop to the bathroom or similar.

In all cases should any client display behaviour that you consider inappropriate or intimidating you will need to report that to the agency who will review and potentially place a ban on that client to protect any future girls that may have gone to see that client. We monitor a national website called Client Eye and check clients against that database and can add clients names to it also if their behaviour warrants such an action.

Always set an alarm on your phone for 5 minutes before the time your appointment ends to give you a little time to wrap up and leave appropriately. If the client wishes to extend the length of the meeting you must message to advise us and we will advise the fee you should collect from them in advance of the extension commencing.


 Stay safe by using protection and contraception

Obviously once you meet with the client the activities that take place between you and he is entirely at your discretion and as such one of the most significant risks anyone in escorting will face is becoming pregnant or on the receiving end of an STI. That's why it is absolutely essential to use protection and contraception.

Make it absolutely clear that your clients must use protection. If they refuse to do so, you are well within your rights to walk away. You should only do what you feel comfortable doing. Many clients will try to entice you not to use protection but it is essential to your safety (and for that of future clients) and well being that you always use condoms.

Another thing you should do is to have regular STI checks. Doing so will give you peace of mind knowing that you haven't been the recipient of an STI. Plus, it gives your clients peace of mind too.

You can usually have free STI checks from local sexual health clinics and hospitals. Plus, it means that you don't have to make your GP aware of your occupation.


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